Bucks County NORML’s Mission

Legalization of marijuana in the United States of America is inevitable. 8 out of 10 Americans support legal access to medical marijuana, and over 60% support full marijuana legalization. In Pennsylvania, support is even higher.

Legalize it yesterday.

66% of Pennsylvanians support full marijuana legalization – that’s well above the majority. So why haven’t our politicians followed suit? Bucks County NORML believes it’s lack of accountability.

We’re making it our mission to actively engage with every local decision maker that represents Bucks County. We want their plan for legalization in public record and we want it yesterday.

Lift up our friends.

Everyone has a friend who was arrested on cannabis charges. These criminal charges stick to our friends’ records, staining their reputations – potentially making them ineligible for employment and housing. In 2022, Governor Wolf led the Marijuana Pardon Project to clean the records of non-violent cannabis convicts.

But people are still getting arrested in Pennsylvania. Pot is still illegal. We will continue to advocate for the clemency of our people in Bucks County.

Make DUI checks safer.

Current DUI laws in Pennsylvania permit law enforcement to draw blood from a driver they suspect of having used marijuana. If the blood comes up positive for THC, that’s a zero-tolerance DUI charge – even though THC can stay in the bloodstream for up to 30 days from last use.

Police should prove driving impairment in a non-invasive manner, not simply charge a Pennsylvanian with a serious crime for having used cannabis in the past. We must demand revisions to PA’s DUI laws.

Protect the legacy.

When marijuana is finally legitimized through law, we want our friends whose lives were impacted the hardest to have a fair chance to thrive in the environment their dissent helped create.

Truly just, legalized marijuana markets include special concessions for cannabis convicts – reduced application fees, access to subsidized infrastructure, and preference in licensing selections are some of the ways we repay the debt to victims of prohibition.

Grow it at home.

Why do corporations get to have all of the liberty? Bucks County NORML demands legal concessions for growing marijuana in a safe place on your property, including in your home or garden.

Microgrowers must also be included in any legalization bills. We must support local farmers and enthusiasts if we want a robust, craft-marijuana industry in Pennsylvania.

Let cops like pot.

This is pretty simple. Cops have incredibly stressful jobs, and they should be able to smoke pot off-the-clock. Pot is measurably safer than alcohol, by the way.